I love Notion. I use it for almost anything from planning my workouts to maintaining reading and movie lists with ratings. Even though Notion claims to be a great tool for taking notes, I think it is more of a private space or personal homepage. Being a member of the Notion Community on Facebook, it looks like that a lot of other people feel the same way. There you see people sharing some of their great takes on homepages and other things. I designed my homepage in Notion using some of the ideas from the group.
I felt it would be…

This is my first article I have ever written posted here and I am not a native speaker. So please forgive me my mistakes.

You can also skip to the part, where the Migration process begins.

I have been using Ulysses casually for a few months. Sometimes I have wrote down my thoughts regularly and sometimes I did not write anything for weeks. But it was fine, since I have already paid for one of the best writing tools I have ever used and expected to get a newer version here and then. Until recently Ulysses announced it’s new subscription…

Taras Frank

I love developing software and enjoy playing video games. Co-Founder of and Freelancer.

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